Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fun with Washington Friends

Our friends Wendy, Taylor and Meredith came to visit us on Tuesday.  We had a great time together and it was such a joy to see them.  Jordan thought it would be fun to go to Pullen Park together and I agreed.  So, after naps on Tuesday we headed down to Pullen Park.  Pictured above are Taylor, Meredith, and Wendy riding the train at Pullen Park.
Here are Laura, Hannah and Jordan riding the train.  Jordan loved riding the train.  Unfortunately, the whistle on the train scared sweet Hannah and made her cry.  Now I know to sit in the back of the train away from the whistle.
Jordan also loves the carousel.  He and Meredith had a good time riding it.

Meredith and Jordan also played on the playground.
YEAH--Swinging.  I love to swing!!
Seesaws are great!?!
Look at that tongue!
Hannah loves to be in the sand, to feel the sand in her hands, and to play with the sand.
Wendy and Jordan digging in the sand.

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