Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fun with Washington Friends

Our friends Wendy, Taylor and Meredith came to visit us on Tuesday.  We had a great time together and it was such a joy to see them.  Jordan thought it would be fun to go to Pullen Park together and I agreed.  So, after naps on Tuesday we headed down to Pullen Park.  Pictured above are Taylor, Meredith, and Wendy riding the train at Pullen Park.
Here are Laura, Hannah and Jordan riding the train.  Jordan loved riding the train.  Unfortunately, the whistle on the train scared sweet Hannah and made her cry.  Now I know to sit in the back of the train away from the whistle.
Jordan also loves the carousel.  He and Meredith had a good time riding it.

Meredith and Jordan also played on the playground.
YEAH--Swinging.  I love to swing!!
Seesaws are great!?!
Look at that tongue!
Hannah loves to be in the sand, to feel the sand in her hands, and to play with the sand.
Wendy and Jordan digging in the sand.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter--Christ is Risen!!

Seeing the blooming flowers and beautiful growth on our plants in our front yard reminds me of new life.  Praise the Lord for the new life we have in Christ through His death and resurrection. 

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed our own family Easter egg hunts--yes, we had multiple egg hunts.  Did I say yet that Jordan loves to hunt Easter eggs?
Jordan even enjoyed hiding the Easter eggs for one round of hunting.  He, of course, then wanted to tell us where they were.  Here he is showing Philip where the Easter eggs are located. 
Hannah hunting Easter eggs
Isn't hunting Easter eggs, great!?!
Hannah picking up an egg
Oh YEAH--an Easter egg
Shaking Easter eggs is so much fun

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bayleaf Easter Egg Hunt

Last Saturday we enjoyed a great Easter Egg Hunt put on by Bayleaf Baptist.  Hannah and Jordan both enjoyed hunting Easter eggs.
Hannah and her friend Kailyn both enjoying their Easter eggs
Jordan hunting his Easter eggs
Dad & Jordan enjoying the big slide at the Easter egg hunt
Hannah is having a blast with her Easter eggs
Jordan loves his Daddy.
Mom and Hannah at the Easter egg hunt

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jordan's Birthday

March 31st, our little man, turned three years old.  I cannot believe it.  He is so precious, and he is growing up so quickly.  We enjoyed a small construction birthday party for him on that Saturday. 
 Here are all the construction workers!!!

 John David is working on building in the sandbox.

 Lawson is checking out the saw.

 Jordan and Matthew are working on the deck.

 Marjorie Anne and Emily are simply relaxing in the hammock.

 Here is Jordan's birthday cake.

 Here is Jordan blowing out his candles.

 Sweet Kailyn at our mealtime

 The excited birthday boy

 Enjoying their cake

 John David sure liked his cake

Mmm--This is so good!!

What a fun birthday party!!  We had a blast celebrating.  Jordan loves parties so it was fun to see how much enjoyed everyone being there for his birthday.  What a blessing our precious little boy is!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fun with Mimi and Pop

What a great joy to have Mimi and Pop visit.  We enjoyed seeing them and Jordan and Hannah had a blast with their grandparents.

 Jordan enjoying playing in the sandbox

 Hannah having fun in the swing sporting one of Pop's socks

 Pop and Jordan at the sandbox

 Hannah loving the swing

 Mimi and Hannah at the swings

 Love this picture :)

 Mimi, Jordan and Hannah on the deck

 Riding the scooter

Mimi with Hannah in the stroller

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Mexico

As I said, Mexico was a great week.  Jordan thoroughly enjoyed the pool, and the days were gorgeous with highs near 80 degrees.  It was very nice to enjoy the pool without being hot!!

 Jordan also loved looking at the fish in the little pools at the resort.

 Jordan and I liked how the cleaning lady set up his animals on his bed.

 Dad and Jordan enjoyed playing in the baby poolwith its little water fountains.

 Jordan also enjoyed us holding him around this big pool.

 Dad and Jordan at a nice restaurant where Philip and I had some delicious salmon.

 Here we are enjoying our great dinner.

 JOrdan enjoyed digging on the beach.  He, of course, thought it was a really big sandbox.

 We had fun pushing Jordan around in this little tube.  Here are Jordan and Dad in the baby pool.

 Here are Mom and Jordan in the baby pool.

One night we had dinner on a grass lawn overlooking the beach.
Jordan posing on the rock

Aren't they handsome!?!
Beautiful sunset
Dad and Jordan at our dinner on the beach the first night
Mom and Jordan at the same dinner

What a great week we had and how fun to have Jordan with us for the first time on one of these vacation trips!!  We had a blast and will enjoy, Lord willing, taking Hannah with us also when she gets older.