Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

Last Tuesday the forecast was for rain.  So, we took advantage and had a day filled with fun indoor activities.  The biggest hit of which was a bag of flour and kitchen utensils and containers.  Hannah and Jordan had a blast playing with and making a mess with the flour for approximately an hour.

Handprints in the flour--Jordan
Here's some muffins--Hannah
Hannah grinning at Jordan
Jordan looking for more kitchen dishes to use
Jordan making pizza or some other food dish

Painting with yogurt dyed with food coloring.  This activity was short-lived though.  I am not sure it was worth the mess and cleanup, but Hannah sure does look cute in the picture below. :)

Let the flour fun continue!!  More measuring
Mommy, isn't this fun!?!
While Hannah rested, Jordan and I made our own construction site complete with diggers, sand, and lincoln logs (as pipes).
Jordan thought this was great fun!
Another activity that was a big hit was playing with and stacking plastic cups.  As you can see, Jordan is very proud of his stack of cups!!
Hannah playing with the cups also.
Just so cute I had to include it:)
Mom, cups are so fun.--Hannah
I love playing with cups, Mom!-Jordan
Cups, cups, cups!!

We had a lot of fun!! Jordan even told me he had fun doing our activities!!  So, if you are looking for something to do on a rainy day and don't mind a mess, then have some fun!!

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  1. oh my, my, I can only imagine that flour mess. It looks like it was well worth it though.